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We hope everyone had a great winter and are ready for the our 3rd biggest payout season!! 2024 is going to be a great year! 

There will be a minimum of 2 ABBI qualified judges at each event for 2024.

Event bulls will be scored by a maximum of 25 points scoring system. The judges will be required to score a bull from zero to twenty five (0-25) points using tenth points based on the bulls ability in all of the five categories; buck, kick, spin, degree of difficulty, and intensity. HDBBA Official Judging Director is 

Hoke Morton, he may be reached at 208-569-0602 or

Women's Futurity and Youth Futurity classes will still be at every event for 2024. There will be a Juvenile class (bull or heifer) at each event in 2024. 

Optional Classes (up to producer to offer at their event)- 3yr old Dummy, Maturity, and Bull Teams. If producer decides to offer any optional classes there information sent out prior to event and by the time entries open for said event. 


We will be having added money at each event in 2024!!

We also have a huge sponsor to thank for putting up a year end Trophy Saddle in all six classes!!!!


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